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Discover GreenGear: the leading digital solution for predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring of agricultural machinery. Enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and promote sustainability in your farming operations with our innovative technology

GreenGear is a cutting-edge digital platform designed to revolutionize the field of agricultural technology. Its primary aim is to enhance efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of agricultural machinery through predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring of equipment health. Leveraging advanced technologies, including sensors and data analytics, GreenGear enables farmers and service centers to optimize machinery management, preventing breakdowns and minimizing downtime. This not only boosts productivity but also promotes a more sustainable approach to farming by encouraging the reuse of parts and equipment repair, ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of the agriculture industry.


How It Works?

  1. Minimized Downtime: With advance alerts on upcoming malfunctions, farmers can prevent sudden breakdowns, reducing equipment idle time.
  2. Efficient Maintenance Planning. Farmers receive early notifications for maintenance or part replacements, allowing for scheduling during convenient times without disrupting operations.
  3. Lower Operational Costs. Predictive maintenance helps avoid major and costly repairs by timely replacing worn-out parts.
  4. Extended Equipment Lifespan. Regular monitoring and maintenance contribute to better equipment preservation and longer operational life.
  5. Optimized Spare Part Utilization. Necessary parts are ordered in advance, eliminating delays in searching and delivering components.
  6. Improved Safety. Timely detection and resolution of faults decrease the risk of accidents on the farm.
  7. Access to Quality Service. Interaction with professional service centers ensures high-quality installation and repair services.
  8. Single Platform Process Management. Integration with the GreenGear system allows farmers to monitor equipment status, communicate with service centers, and manage subscriptions through a convenient interface.

Questions and answers

No, our equipment is modular, allowing you to assemble the kit that suits your needs (or we can help select it for you).

Yes, you can manage everything on your own. Our application is user-friendly and intuitive.

We can provide one basic equipment package for free, provided that you sign a subscription contract for 5 years. If the contract is terminated before 5 years, you will be required to pay the full cost of the equipment. Additional sensors are also paid for separately.

Our platform is designed to be compatible with a wide range of agricultural machinery. For specific compatibility questions, please refer to our product documentation or contact our support team.

The predictive maintenance feature uses data from sensors to forecast potential equipment failures before they happen, allowing for proactive maintenance and repairs, thus avoiding unexpected downtime.

If a sensor fails, our system will alert you immediately so that it can be replaced or repaired, ensuring continuous monitoring of your equipment.

Absolutely, our system is scalable, and you can add more sensors as your needs grow. Just contact us, and we’ll assist you in expanding your system.

What equipment is available to our customers?

Mobile application for system monitoring

In Partnership with hiSky

We’re thrilled to partner with hiSky, a leader in satellite IoT, to enhance our services. hiSky’s tech allows for efficient, global connectivity, crucial for modern agriculture. This collaboration means better management and monitoring for our clients, ensuring their operations are more connected and efficient.

How much does it cost?

The GreenGear subscription, at all levels,  offers comprehensive support and tools for agricultural machinery management, including:


Up to 5 units of equipment


Over 5 units of equipment


Linear features in agriculture

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